Do you have a problem with your driver?

We can help you!
We have the knowledge for small and large models.

We know different types of drives such as AC or DC, vector, motion, frequency inverter, servo or CNC drives.

We can get your drive back in operation by testing, repairing, overhauling or even supplying a similar replacement drive.

All wear-sensitive components are replaced through our standard service. We guarantee quality, functionality and fast delivery. To achieve this, we constantly invest in our staff and test equipment.

Defective machine card or faulty equipment. It is taken over by an experienced technician in the repair service for electronic cards. By intervening immediately, working quickly and wasting time.

It is prevention, faulty PLC, servo, encoder. Inverter in your products. Need software such as devices and models. After the repair work is done in the technical service, we offer customers quickly. By notifying the customers ... The faults of the devices.. We guide them to the positive or negative results and approach them faster with final solutions.