We at Engel Electronics always find a way to use your industrial electronics.

Whether your goods are used defective or the year or production are not relevant, we are always interested to buy them from you. We carefully refurbish your electronics in an environmentally friendly way so that the original or improved product can be reused in the production process.

We are constantly expanding our inventory so that we can offer our customers fast delivery. This allows us to meet current and future demands from our customers.


Reasons for selling their automation equipment.

  • Easy to handle
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The highest price from the market value is paid
  • Saving costs
  • Easy handling of the removal
  • A long life for your industrial electronics


Engel Electronics buys industrial electronics from all over the world.

Equipment can become unusable for various reasons, e.g. dismantling or by rebuilding but we give your equipment a 2nd life it is overhauled and further internationally used it is always found a use for your equipment!

In this way we offer you a compensation for your no longer usable / necessary electronics and you make a contribution to the environment.