Fast, Reliable, Highest Quality that's what Engel Electronics is all about!

One of the largest selections of industrial electronics in the market can be found at none other than Engels Electronics, new and refurbished is our standard.

The assortment ranges from the old to the latest technology.

Our products are always tested, of the highest quality and reasonably priced.

So we can almost always deliver quickly and accurately around the world.

Rely on us for first-class, fast service!

It is not always necessary to invest in new technology.

We support you in keeping your old electronics in good condition.

Do you or your customer have essential malfunctions of the electronics in your plant or company?

For example, has a machine shut down and production has been criticized or even stopped?

We will provide a long-lasting solution in your interest! By all means, it can be difficult to find the specific part you need, but with our countless and extensive stock, we can help you so that your production can continue comfortably in no time!

The vast array of ready-to-ship industrial products in our inventory is the core of our offering, with our access to more than 500,000+ electronic items such as

  • HMIs

  • PLCs



  • PGS

  • IPCS

  • And any industrial electrical/automation equipment

    Our company is located in Gelsenkirchen, Germany you are welcome to visit us by appointment, we are open to questions.

    Call us at: +49 157 78827056

    We speak:

    English, German and Turkish, our sales department is trained and prepared for your requirements.