Do you have a problem with your HMI?

We can help,

At Engel Elektronik, we are an experienced authority on international knowledge and quality. Our range of HMI and HMI related products is wide and your old and faulty products will be fully functional again and look completely new. The software you use will be reinstalled After the repair.

We have a wide range of HMI products in stock.

HMI is the link between an operator and an automated process. HMI makes process information visible and enables the execution of these processes. HMI is a control product. Without HMI, an operator is essentially working and controlling a process is difficult or even impossible.

HMI products are largely sensitive to failures caused by their frequent and intensive use. Other common causes of failure are elements such as moisture and dirt. We test, repair and overhaul many types of HMIs and also have a large number of HMI types in stock.